Delivering a Cutting Edge Online Business Solution for a Travel Agency

Last year, before the Christmas season, it was a reputed travel firm in Birmingham in England by the name of “TravelGo Tourism”, which asked for our search engine optimization services. It was their nearest competitor, who was narrowing down and squeezing their margin of profits. We wanted to do something for them, and show how our IT solutions made an impact in their revenue generation and visitor footfalls. It was something of a challenge that we undertook, and today they take pride in being our closest business partners.

Firstly, we wanted to know, whether they desired a local search engine presence or a global one. We learnt that, they actually catered to the region around Birmingham city, and they had no other branches in England, or for that matter in the capital London. So, the task was cut-out for us. They exclusively offered travel and honeymoon packages worldwide, and their website was the only platform, from where they earned visitors and businesses.

Once we took over, we studied their competitors, their keywords and implemented Google Analytics tool for understanding their local visitor search pattern. Thereafter, we made all the necessary changes in the page content, H1 tags, meta titles and meta descriptions, by incorporating the specific business keywords, which they wanted to rank for. The results showed instantly, and within a month or so, most of their ‘business earning’ key phrases or keywords showed in the first page of It was a joy to see this result.

The client also asked for certain website modifications, such as the home page design, font changes, loading speed, mobile responsiveness and the incorporation of an effective online booking form, which we happily obliged. This resulted in a much more attractive looking website, and with the first page ranking in Google, they achieved all their desired business and revenue goals.