Providing Complete Web & SEO Support to a Cargo Delivery Company

When a leading moving & packing company in San Jose, CA contacted us by viewing our extensive profile on our website in Google, we immediately responded to their S.O.S call. We learnt, their company’s online marketing campaign was in a serious mess, since their previous vendor pulled-out citing payment dues, which was as a result of non-performance. We certainly didn’t want to follow their footsteps, rather set an example. We took up the challenge, and from there-on, it was no looking back.

The client is one of the premier cargo delivery companies in California, based out of San Jose. They wanted their website to be fully optimized with the best White Hat SEO techniques, and along with that, wanted certain amendments and upgrades to their company site, in regards to the home page design & development. It was really disheartening to learn that their previous vendor, did absolutely nothing for them. Just minted out the dollars every month for no work. We wanted to show them, we’re different and produced the results. Money was always secondary for us.

Our SEO and web professionals learnt their specific web requirement. Firstly, they wanted a top 10 ranking for their website in, for certain premium keywords. Secondly, they wanted a fast loading website, along with a fully mobile responsive design with attractive graphics in the banner. Their website was not made responsive. It was a static one, and was meant only for desktops. Since it was nearing festive season, they wanted the work to be completed in time. We roped in some of our most experienced PHP developers, graphic designers and SEO analysts. They worked round the clock. As said, all deliverable for the campaign was achieved, and the trust that was generated with us, still persists. Now they are one of our satisfied clients.