Redefining Real Estate Agency Web Design in a New Way

Konicy is one of the most prominent real estate developers in New York, with offices in Times Square, Manhattan. They spotted us on Google, and contacted our HR team for getting their corporate website redesigned. We wanted to present them with a 100% bespoke WordPress website with all the advanced functionalities. Their requirement was a fast loading, presentable, user-friendly and a mobile optimized website. We did respond to their needs and geared up accordingly for the task. A team of expert designers and developers were constituted. Since Konicy catered to a specific local region, they relied heavily upon their website. It had to be a responsive one.


As we started working on the web redesign project, we found certain other flaws in their website. All the pages were unresponsive, lacked user interface (UI), fonts were unprofessional, CMS not installed etc. These issues were taken care of immediately. Our proficient team did their best to rectify all the software related problems which persisted in the website. Moreover, the mobile responsive feature and page loading speed was also given the highest priority. All the corrective actions helped the site achieve a dynamic look. Our client was getting more hits and visitors to their website after it was made mobile responsive. Now, they are one of our happy US based clients.