Redesigning educational and university websites for greater reach among students

College Press, a deemed university in Yorkshire, England wanted us to take over the reins of their website. By the term ‘reins’, I mean the entire operational aspect of their official university website. It lacked some basic as well as advanced features. So, the management wanted to give it a makeover and transform it into a UI rich site. Previously, the niche was plain and bland, lacking most of the standard WordPress features. We took over the task of converting it into a fully mobile responsive, user-friendly, cross-browser compatible and a fast loading website. The ultimate aim was to secure more hits, visitors and traffic for our client.


As usual, we were able to achieve the task well within the designated time-frame of 15 working days. Each and every aspect was taken into consideration. Starting from Google fonts to matching background colors, nothing was left behind. The university logo was done in a new way and we incorporated some advanced graphics too. The end result was a picture-perfect website with incredibly fast page loading speed. The website was now fully mobile responsive with the incorporation of latest plugins, software and CMS. College Press was indeed happy with the outcome. From static to a fully dynamic niche was achieved at a very affordable price tag. It was indeed commendable and praiseworthy effort by our web design team.