Bespoke Web Development Solutions for a Specialty Clinic

One of our esteemed clients in Zurich, a super specialty medical clinic, asked for a full-fledged development of their existing company website, and thereby transforming it into a 100% mobile responsive one. We never hesitated for once, even though we were burdened with loads of other design, development and digital marketing campaigns of high-value clients. We never turn back clients, as that is not a part of our business ethics. Small or big, we take every new project as a challenge.

This hospital or clinic is one of the prominent health centers in Zurich, which not only offers medication, but performs surgeries too. It has some of the most qualified surgeons, medics, therapists and dietitians in its payroll. Their HRD wanted a competent and a professional website of international standards, to reach out to their potential clients. The website which they were having was a static one, with no good UI/UX. This was causing a loss in terms of revenue.

We took over the charge, and immediately worked on its drawbacks and flaws, producing that rich user-interface and navigability. Their priority was a mobile optimized website, we delivered it within days, by incorporating the latest WordPress plugins and tools. Now, the site open flawlessly on any mobile device with no image or text distortion. There were also few other changes to the website, such as the header, footer, font, background color, banner, text, drop-down menus and most importantly, high page loading speed. All these factors contributed towards its success. Now they are one of our satisfied European clients, offering us a lot of other web related work, which we are currently executing.