Simplifying eCommerce web design & development for online shops

The IT Depot, a well-known eCommerce or retail store in the US was thinking about hiring a professional web development firm. They wanted to redesign their existing eCommerce website and develop it into a full-fledged and operational one. Their requirement was a quick/fast loading portal, as such sites usually loads slow due to the thousands of products on display. And secondly, they wanted a mobile responsive niche for extensively reaching out to their global prospects. When our team contacted them in an SES meet-up in San Francisco, CA they were thrilled to learn that we provided both web design and marketing services.


They wanted to know whether we were well versed in Drupal, Magento, Codeigniter, Bootstrap and Joomla, apart from WordPress. We assured them that we were experts in such platforms. The project was won, and our web professionals completed the assignment on-time. Now they boast of a user-interface rich, responsive and a fast loading website. Even the mobile device compatibility aspect was well taken care of. Today, IT Depot is one of our many happy and satisfied customers. They intend to sincerely carry forward this business partnership and relationship with us.