An Enriching Web Building Experience for Global Clients

Wilmar International is one of our most prestigious and esteemed Melbourne based clients, that is into the exclusive domain of oil & natural gas exploration. They wanted us to take over the command of their company website and make it a fully dynamic one, with loads of features. We never shied away from this golden opportunity and proved, what we are capable of. Immediately, we responded to their call and fixed a VOIP and Skype appointment with their web support team. We took a note of their specific web requirement, by understanding the changes, modifications and upgrades they wanted on their site. They sought a 100% dynamic site with all the advanced UI/UX and responsive features.


Our team of web designers, PHP developers, HTML coders, programmers and graphic experts jumped into the task and wasted no time in formulating a strategy. The implementation was smooth, flawless and on-time. In a matter of 12-15 working days, their company website was to the best international standards, with all the mobile responsive, user engaging, browser compatible and navigable features. This was exactly to the satisfaction of our Australian client. They wanted a high performing and user friendly website, and we delivered the same.