Mobile App Web Design is the New Buzzword

Lflexion, a mobile App development company based out of San Antonio, TX; hired our services in the area of mobile responsive web design. We were pleasantly surprised as to why an Android App developer was outsourcing their website design needs to an external vendor. They could have done themselves in an affordable way. As usual, we did not complain. Nevertheless, we did not take them for a money minting machine either. We wanted to provide Lflexion the best service, and that too in the shortest time. Since their only requirement was a mobile responsive website, the task was cut out for us.


There were other petty issues too, which were looked after by us in the later stages. It was a clinical team effort by our WordPress design and development guys, who performed a splendid job. Now their website is 100% mobile optimized, dynamic and custom plugins integrated. Even the page loading speed has been upgraded to a new high. Today, their website is among the most interactive mobile App development sites with advanced functionalities and UI features.