Enhancing Web Presence for Business Consulting Agencies

Symetra is one of the most noted and eminent financial consultants in Ann Arbor, MI which for long was suffering from ‘web negligence’, but not anymore. Today, it has a vibrant, dynamic, engaging and a user-interactive website, which perfectly serves their business needs. Thanks to our timely intervention, which helped save them fortunes, which otherwise seemed a daunting task. We wasted no time in understanding their specific web design and development requirements, and thereafter entered the scene. We took it from where their previous web developer left, as they literally did nothing, except for minting Dollars every month. This WordPress developed website was lacking in every aspect, starting from user-friendliness to mobile responsiveness. It also lacked some basic navigable features which was hindering its smooth opening and browsing. This forced them to have a full-fledged, mobile responsive and a feature rich website which perfectly responded to all screen sizes and resolutions, without any technical glitch.


Our team of PHP developers and designers understood every bit of their requirement, and thereafter devised a robust strategy which delivered the desired results. They wanted the best UI/UX rich features, along with a mobile optimized version of their website. We did precisely that was required to be done. Now, when you open this website on your Android device or in a laptop, it opens with no physical distortions or dissimilarities whatsoever. Previously, this was a big issue for them as they were losing valuable customers and prospects. Symetra also wanted an advanced CMS incorporated onto their site, apart from Google Analytics, and we did that. Today, this business consulting agency website boasts of advanced features and technicalities, which is at par with the best designed and developed website. Till date, we provide continuous support to them on all issues related to the web, PHP development, graphics, marketing and hosting which is something they desired from us.