Specializing in Handyman Services Website Design

Miracle Consultancy, is one of the leading handyman service providers in Philadelphia, PA. They mostly offer plumbing services across the city and in its suburbs. And a year ago, they contacted us for a high-performance website, which would extensively serve their clients in a local region. By the term “high-performance”, they meant a 100% mobile optimized, navigable, CMS integrated and a user-friendly website with all other technical points. We knew exactly where to focus, and immediately jumped into the act. Few of the most talented designers, coders and developers were roped-in for the project. Even an SEO expert was kept aside as ‘reserve’.


When we learnt, their business was local in the region of Philadelphia, we devised a different strategy. They wanted a fully responsive WordPress based website, which would have all the advanced features. We did exactly to their requirement. Since Miracle Consultancy totally depended on local customers, we had to tailor a site that would reach out to an extensive audience. It would have the best UI/UX features, CMS, screen size & resolution adaptability, among others. This was done to perfection by our team. Within the stipulated time-frame, this website achieved all the desired features and functionalities. Today, this US based client is continuing to be one of our trusted partners. We look after their complete website management.