A Dedicated Website for All those Fitness Freaks

Hammer Strength, a leading fitness & workout clinic in the heart of Melbourne, VIC; contacted us with their decent wish list, a couple of months back. We immediately responded to their SOS call. It was a complete upgrade, overhaul and modernization of their present company website into a new one. Everything, starting from font to images had to be changed. They also wanted their site to be mobile optimized for an enhanced reach among its prospects. They also wanted ‘high’ compatibility on all mobile devices and platforms.

Our in-house professionals immediately swung into the act, understanding every bit of their requirement. Hammer Strength wanted an enhanced UI/UX for its niche, and we promised them with the best-in-the-class. It was a matter of 10 odd working days, the website got a new look. It now boasted of enriching font, soothing background colors, advanced plugins, CMS and latest software, that helped in the process of gaining more business leads, visibility and enhanced user experience. The site was best optimized for mobile device compatibility, with nothing getting distorted or hidden when opened on all screen sizes and resolutions. Be it laptops, desktops, iPad and Android phones, the website opened flawlessly and smooth, without any lag. This is exactly what this client wanted from us, and we did not disappoint.

Today, Hammer Strength is one of our happy and satisfied clients, maintaining an active engagement with our in-house web professionals for further improvement. It helps them run a fully responsive website, which can reach out to millions in no time. We tried incorporating the best navigational and UI/UX features and functionalities, that improved user experience. They are now getting huge hits and visitor traffic to their site, and this helped realize their long-term business goals. It was one of the most satisfying web campaigns we executed for our overseas client.