Giving your Dental Clinic that Web Advantage

Centro Dental is one of the acclaimed dental clinics and dentistry labs in Cincinnati, OH with expertise in teeth whitening, root canal, enamel bonding, gum strengthening, dental implants and braces fitting. And for quite sometime now, they were searching for a web expert that could look after their overall web design and PHP development needs. As the proverb says ’better late than never’, they contacted us and we arrived in the scene with our expertise. Initially, they were sceptical in handing over their web development campaign to a small company like us, but when we delivered the results which exceeded their expectations, they never switched over to a different vendor till date.


We first understood and learned about their specific web requirement. It would be an overall and extensive redevelopment of their existing WordPress platform to a fully responsive niche. Previously, it was a static designed one, which would be converted to a dynamic one. The management of Centro Dental wanted a user-friendly rich website, which would attract more prospects and create a positive impression in the minds of all. Secondly, they wanted mobile responsiveness and fast loading speed, which were all incorporated. Now it’s a much more engaging website with lots of additional features and software like the CMS. It was very much to the satisfaction of the client, which was looking for a complete web transformation. And we achieved that in a record time-frame.