Delivering End-to-End Offshore Web Solutions

A couple of years ago, a US based media house by the name of “Comcast Media”, contacted us for the purpose of handling their digital marketing as well as mobile responsive web development needs. We promptly answered to their business query, and this helped us forge a long-lasting partnership, which continues till date. In fact, they happen to be our first and only client from the Casino capital, Las Vegas, NV. We were excited to serve them, and so were they to find an Indian partner like us.

It was their website which was a cause of concern and worry for them, as it was in a state of mess when we took over. Neither it was mobile responsive in design, nor it had been optimized well by their previous vendor. There we no good content, no proper meta tags, no heading tags, the design of their website was ‘vintage’ and most importantly, the page loading speed was real slow. We were up for the task, and wanted to show them, that we were worth it. We employed our best team for the purpose, as the task was ‘cut-out’ for us.

It was a challenge which we undertook with utmost zeal and passion, and thus started working on it from day one. All the factors were taken into consideration, and thereafter we executed them flawlessly. Since they are a media house, their entire operations circle around international clients, with whom they interact over the web and other mobile platforms like Skype or via Whats App. But it is their website, which needed a complete transformation or makeover to attract more international business. Starting from fonts to images and custom plugins, we changed them all, and today, their media company website is among the finest in the area of Las Vegas. And after a bespoke SEO activity, they are getting increased visitor footfalls, and this is certainly proving good for the company as a whole. We were successful in turning the table in their favor.